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Electric floor heating

Electric floor heating can be installed in all types of floors. It is efficient and heats evenly entire floor, creating a better feeling of thermal comfort. It consists of heating cables or mats, and electronic thermostat. We supply electric floor heating as well as heating wires for heating pipes, drains or sidewalk for convenient removal of ice and snow.

Door Intercom Phone

Home door phone provides communication with those at the entrance to the building. We offer a wide range of domestic guardians from different manufacturers. According to customer requirements we provide:

  • Audio Door Intercom Phone
  • Video Door Intercom Phone

Lightning Conductor

Is a means of protection against lightning, which creates an artificial conductive path to capture and reduces electric charge. The importance lies in the protection against thermal and dynamic effects of a direct lightning strike; also reduces the likelihood of fire and lightning-inflected human injury. The price of Lighting Conductor consists of the cost of the project, materials, installation and maintenance.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS)

It can be used in a number of cases, such as alarms, fire detectors, gas detectors, CCTV etc. The most commonly used alarm systems that ensure your apartment, home, office, or other premises from unwanted visitors. Alarm systems consist of control unit, motion sensors, keypad, siren and GSM module in some cases.

Electrical Installation

We offer complex installation of electro installation for flats, houses, offices and manufacturing halls, including TV, Data installations and audit report. We are focused on quality, aesthetic and commercial criteria, as well as to optimize the price terms.

Smart Electrical Installation

From the simple control of the louver to effective power saving can smart electro installation make your life more convenient, modern and simple. You can control your smart home by Smartphone, tablet or computer from over the world.

Can you imagine that your house wake you up pleasantly? Louvers come up, your favourite music plays and the heated floor in your bathroom is ready? After breakfast, when you are leaving your house, simply press the button and your house runs over to the standby mode, alarm and security system is being activated, louvers come down, lights and all unnecessarily appliances turning off and heating temperature is going down. While you are away, your house control irrigation system and heating temperature to be ready before you come back.

When you come home, your house will keep a comfortable temperature because the system knows what time you will arrive. Home welcomes you with your favourite music, light scene and sauna is ready for use. When you are ready to go to sleep, your house is too. Louvers come down, alarm and security system is activated in risk zones.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the consumption?

The Mini server consumption is 3W and the whole system consumption is several watts.

What type of switches could we use?

Some companies are using their own, very expensive light switches. With Loxone system you can choose from the standard cheapest to the well designed fashionable light switches.

What type of wiring is used?

The wiring is pretty similar to the standard installation. The main reason is in topology and also FTP cables are used for light switches.

Can the smart installation be combined with the standard installation?

Yes, it can. You have a choice of using control heating, lighting or some of the electric plug circuits only.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on extent of the installation, number of manually controlled elements, etc.

Could I possibly have a trial test?

Our showroom Loxone, located in Piestany, will be available to our customers in just few weeks.