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Smart Electrical Installation

From the simple control of the louver to effective power saving can smart electro installation make your life more convenient, modern and simple. You can control your smart home by Smartphone, tablet or computer from over the world.

Can you imagine that your house wake you up pleasantly? Louvers come up, your favourite music plays and the heated floor in your bathroom is ready? After breakfast, when you are leaving your house, simply press the button and your house runs over to the standby mode, alarm and security system is being activated, louvers come down, lights and all unnecessarily appliances turning off and heating temperature is going down. While you are away, your house control irrigation system and heating temperature to be ready before you come back.

When you come home, your house will keep a comfortable temperature because the system knows what time you will arrive. Home welcomes you with your favourite music, light scene and sauna is ready for use. When you are ready to go to sleep, your house is too. Louvers come down, alarm and security system is activated in risk zones.